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Finishing Well

Jul 7, 2018

Proverbs Chapter 1 Verse 20 says “Wisdom calls aloud outside.” This episode, Hans and Robby will give you some wisdom to help your family.

Medicare does not pay for long-term care insurance, it says this in everyone's Social Security Earnings Report. The message of this episode is not just go out and buy long-term care insurance, the message is that long-term care is a part of your entire financial plan. You need to look at your entire financial situation before figuring out what the best long-term care insurance is for you.

Hans tells a story about a client was convinced that, instead of long-term care, she would move to Oregon when she needed this care because they allow assisted suicide. Eventually she changed her mind, but find out why she did this in the episode!

Hans and Robby also talk about what documents you need to have prepared before you need long-term care to save your family a lot of hassle and stress.

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