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Finishing Well

Nov 9, 2019

Everyone’s IRA is different, but yet they are still taking advice and facts from their friends and family. Hans and Robby address this issue as well as all the options you have for making the most of your IRA, by lowering your taxable income, not receiving penalties, and handling required minimum distributions. 


First up is penalties for required minimum distributions. Some people have this idea that they never want to pay taxes so they are not going to touch their IRA. This is a mistake, as not taking out distributions after 70 ½ is going to land you with a huge penalty - 50% of the amount that  you were supposed to take out. 


Are there any ways to avoid this penalty? The answer is yes! First up would be a roth conversion.  Most people’s IRA’s are traditional IRA’s, where you are putting tax-deferred money into the account and pay taxes when it comes out.  With Roths, you put taxes money in so your distributions are tax-free. This means you have no required amount that you have to take out. You can also leave this money to your heirs tax-free. They are so many other major advantages that Hans and Robby discuss!  QCD’s are also a way to get around required minimum distributions while also donating to charity! 


Lastly, Hans and Robby discuss the question “ Do I have enough money to retire?”


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