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Finishing Well

Nov 2, 2019

This week, Hans and Robby discuss foundational beliefs that are inaccurate. This happens in faith all the time, but it also happens with Social Security beliefs. Some people think you have to take it as early as you can, some think you have to delay it as late as you can. Do not make decisions with limited information from one or two people. Age relative to your needs, health, and your spouse, are really going to be the key to Social Security timing. 


Hans and Robby get into the false Social Security beliefs people have told them over their life. They answer questions that include:

When am I supposed to take my Social Security check?

Can I take Social Security early if I am disabled? How does this affect my spouse?

Should I take my Social Security early?

Should I delay my Social Security?
How do Medicare and Social Security work together?

How does income planning and Social Security work together?

Will Social Security pay my long term care bills? 

How do Social Security spousal benefits work? Does my wife get my check? 

Do I need life insurance if I have Social Security?


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