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Finishing Well

May 4, 2019

In Genesis 41, Joseph was called to interpret Pharaoh's dream about an oncoming famine that would last 7 years. When the famine hit, everyone was taken care of because Joseph made sure to proactively save. Unlike Joseph, you do not know how many years your famine, or retirement, is going to last. You need years of reserve, or money, to take care of you and your family. A solution to this gap can be an annuity.


Hans tells the story of a recent client who wanted her full income to be replaced before she retired. Social Security was not going to do this by itself. Hans brought up that an annuity might be helpful in this situation, but the client was very firm in her beliefs that annuities were bad, even though she had no idea why. Hans runs into this situation a lot, so he wants to go through all the negatives and positives annuities can bring.  


The most common negative points brought up about annuities is that the fees are too high, they are difficult to understand, and the people who sell them are unqualified and just want to take your money. All these things can be true, but with the right advisor, these things can be understood and avoided.


Annuities can also bring some beautiful benefits to people's lives. They provide a guaranteed lifetime income, even to a couple. The only other program that does this is Social Security.  They also can help play for the long term care bill when that arises.

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