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Finishing Well

Oct 5, 2019

Life insurance. Everyone knows it provides great security to your family when you pass, but what many people don’t realize is that is can also provide great benefits while are living. Certain life insurance products and strategies allow you to take care of your family in life and in death. On this show, Hans and Robby go over the technical aspects of using life insurance for more than just a death benefit. 


One of the purposes of “Finishing Well” is to teach, but we need to know what motivates you to look into life insurance to teach you about it properly. For some people, it is the peace of mind knowing their family will be okay when they pass. For others, the tax benefits, savings benefits, and retirement benefits motivate them to use life insurance as a product to expand their wealth. Hans tells a story about a client who was motivated by these reasons to get a hybrid long term care policy. The story ends with this client passing and having a huge benefit for his family, but it also led to Hans learning how to better educate clients on life insurance. 


Hans and Robby go even further into hybrid long term care insurance products, specifically one that allows you to fund a life insurance death benefit with money from an IRA. This product also allows you to use the death benefit during your lifetime for long term care expenses tax free. 


Hans understands that most people do not love insurance companies, but he also sees the good they provide. When you can find someone who represents enough companies that they can put your best interests first, you will end up with a much better outcome. 


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