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Finishing Well

Feb 9, 2019

John:14 is considered the comfort chapter, saying “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and welcome you into My presence, so that you also may be where I am.” Jesus has a place for us for long long long term care, we just have to make the decisions now to get into this place in the kingdom.


This week Hans and Robby discuss 3 couples who have recently purchased long-term care insurance products and the different strategies they are using to cover this expense. There is no cookie cutter approach to the way that Christ brings you to your long-term care plan, everyone is different. Most people 65 and over think they are too old for a long-term care plan and there are no solutions, but there are, up to age 90. Here are their stories:


Our first couple, the Pensivanila couple, are younger and still working. They are very concerned about leaving an estate for their daughter, and Hans pointed out a product that would give their daughter an inheritance and cover long-term care if they need it at the same time. Listen to find out why they ended up going a different route.


The second couple, the Ohio couple, are very concerned about long-term care. Most of their money is in an IRA account, so Hans proposed rolling over this money into a product that would  cover this cost.


The third couple, the Indiana couple, was not interested in long-term care until they found out the husband could not qualify due to health issues. Instead of a traditional product, Hans suggested an annuity product with enhanced benefits for long-term care. The best part- this product has no health questions!


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